Team building in Zvornik

November 3, 2021

This year our choice for Team building was Hotel Vidikovac Zvornik. It is located in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the banks of the Drina River. The view of nature and the soothing sound is all we needed for relaxing conversations and socializing.

We are always looking forward to spending time together. Bonding involves increasing loyalty to one another and to the team. One popular way of helping this process is through positive shared experiences in the form of fun activities.

We believe that this way of relaxing in a business environment strengthens relationships between people who work for the same team and builds a special circle of togetherness and trust. We send special greetings to the part of the team that was prevented from coming: Ajdin, Mirela, Nikolina, Dina and Milenko.

It was a lot of fun and memorable for us. We look forward to the next get-together soon. With a cheerful spirit and positive vibes in new work victories. This is edited post